to your FREE School Safety Assessment. Our mission is to provide your district or school with the tools and knowledge to make your schools safer.

Is your district or school prepared to stop the threats that can impact your schools? Taking our free school safety assessment is the first step to helping you reach your goal of creating safe and secure schools.

School security is not just one thing. Good security combines many ingredients, involving technology, basic security, training, and common sense. We are endeavoring to gather as much data from as many schools as possible. After you complete your survey, you will receive a score and be able to evaluate your security schools versus other school security solutions.

It’s important to know which school security measures work and which measures do not work. To accomplish this task, we need your help. Please complete our survey. It's important to know what schools are doing. This survey only requires a YES or NO answer. The survey takes less than 10 minutes.

Every day, schools make security-buying decisions. To make better decisions, you need better information. Too many decisions are based on the “me too” approach (what other schools are doing), what the commissioned sales representative is trying to sell you, or what you feel might work. Are these the best approaches to solving your school's security challenge? Conversations often reveal that no one has done the research.

School Safety’s primary goal is to deter or stop a school shooter. Stop the person with a gun from entering your school. Once the first shot is fired, the situation immediately changes from “deter or stop” to “take down” the shooter. Too many schools have selected security measures that do little or nothing to deter or stop an active shooter.

Deter or stop is easier, cheaper, and saves lives. Studying after-incident reports provides information on how the event occurred and how the shooter accessed the school. Having better security would have stopped these shootings from happening inside the school.

Once enough survey information is obtained, further analysis will be done to build a grading scale that will allow you to compare your school's security score against the total results of all survey responses.

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Yes, we will need your basic information, such as your name, email address, school name, position at your school, and school location (city and state). This information is important so we can report your school's security score.

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